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Sports Doctors Australia is an association of doctors who have an interest in and expertise in the practice of sports and exercise medicine. Members come from a wide range of areas within medicine, including GPs, Surgeons, Radiologists and many others.

Our aim is to provide an association of doctors who are interested in the provision of high level care for all sporting people, irrespective of type of activity or level of competition. As such, we provide a high level of care for elite athletes through to the weekend warrior and also include the non-exercising person who may want to improve their exercise level or deal with an injury.

Membership Benefits

  • A professional association that provides for all the needs of the medical practitioner in sports medicine
  • A discipline stream in SMA that provides a meeting place for members and contributes to the planning of annual scientific meetings of SMA
  • A website for news, views, journal links and abstracts, reviews of latest developments in sports medicine
  • Programs for continuing medical education in sports medicine that fulfil requirements for QA/CE
  • Promotion and facilitation of research by members in all fields of sports

More Info

What do we do?

SDrA is an association of likeminded doctors. As an organisation, we aim to:

  • Promote high standards of care to the public, irrespective of position, standard
  • Promote education to our members and dotors in general
  • Promote education to the community
  • Promote research into injury prevention, assessment and management
  • Promote the use of evidence based medicine
  • Read further about our organisation...

Read more about our organisation...

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